Pelicans and Gulls

Coastal Birds


Take a short boat ride from Grand Isle to Queen Bess Island and you will have found one of Louisiana’s most valuable natural resources… what children refer to as “Bird Island”. The low shell reef island is a “rookery” (breeding ground) and is literally covered in birds. The state bird of Louisiana, the brown pelican, along with a few white pelicans, some Roseate Spoonbills, and the smaller Gulls make the island their home. The majestic pelicans sit erect, stretching their beaks out as they guard their nests made on the boulders lining the shore line. If you are lucky you can spy the newborn birds, all white fluff, chirping loudly to be fed. On Queen Bess the sights, sounds, and smells make for unforgettable memories,

15″ X 11″ Watercolor on Arches paper

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Part of the” Coastal Birds of Louisiana” note card collection